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Four Easy Steps to 100% Coverage 1 Freedom

  • Select the handset and accessories you want to purchase.  There is quite a range...
    • Iridium 9555 - satellite only handset
    • Iridium 9505A (older model, manufactured in USA) - satellite only handset
    • Inmarsat ISatphone Pro - satellite only handset
    • Thuraya SO-2510 - satellite only handset (LIMITED STOCK - discontinued item currently being phased out)
    • Thuraya XT - satellite only handset
    • Thuraya SG-2520 - Optus Network - Dual Mode handset
    • Thuraya SG-2520 - Telstra Network - Dual Mode handset
    • Qualcomm GSP 1600 Dual Mode Satellite and CDMA Mobile Phone (CDMA is no longer available in Australia.  This phone is effectively a Satellite Only phone)
    • Telit SAT550 Dual Mode GSM  and Satellite Telephone (GSM is available in all major cities and in some regional country areas).

  • Select the plan you want.  You can always discuss this option first.

  • Fill the online pre-contract order form below
    • A consultant will contact you to make sure you are making the best advantage of the offers available to you and to discuss issues such as telephone numbers, delivery of the phone and explain the details of the contract.
    • The consultant will issue you a Tax Invoice
    • You send the payment due,  (direct deposit, bank cheque, money order, company or personal cheques are acceptable) Personal and company cheques are subject to clearance.

      Our Bank Account Details are:

      St. George Bank Limited
      BSB 112879
      Account number: 027162376
      Account name: Safecity Services Pty Ltd
      Bathurst NSW 2787 Australia
    • Upon receipt of payment, the consultant will prepare the contract for you and will arrange for a meeting at your home or workplace.  Alternatively you can arrange to visit us.
    • The consultant will explain the contract to you, sight your identification and deliver the phone and accessories  (depending on availability).


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