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Mobile Phones Dual Mode - Gift Service

Qualcomm GSP 1600
Satellite + CDMA mobile phone
combined in one handset

Telit SAT550 mobile phone
Satellite + GSM mobile phone
combined in one handset


Mobile phone and satellite phone dual mode handsets

An ideal gift for your loved ones

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, they are a vital security tool for everyone--especially for those who are most vulnerable.

The elderly living in remote areas, women (and men) driving and commuting through isolated locations, young people participating in excursions and activities, adventurers, mariners, pilots, business people working in mobile phone no service areas.

Every day loss of life and serious injuries are being prevented because the would be victims were able to call for help using a dual mode satellite phone 1

What is the point of having a mobile phone if you cannot make a call when you need it most?  Each time I read about victims being unable to raise help because their mobile phones were in a no service area, I look at my Qualcomm GSP1600 satellite + CDMA mobile phone and get a feeling of comfort knowing that I can enjoy the benefits of 100% coverage 1

With this in mind, I recently purchased a Telit SAT550 dual mode mobile phone for my family.  Now, wherever they go, they too can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 100% coverage 1

Would you like to do the same for your friends or family? We can help make this happen!  We will also add a personalised touch that will make them remember your gift for a long time to come.

Mobile Phone Gift Service - How it works

  • Select the handset and accessories you want to give as a gift.  Globalstar tm offers you two quality brands
    • Qualcomm GSP 1600 Dual Mode Satellite and CDMA Mobile Phone (CDMA is one of the two services available in Australia.  It is available in all main cities and in many regional and country areas.)
    • Telit SAT550 Dual Mode GSM  and Satellite Telephone (GSM is one of the two phone service available in Australia.  GSM is available in all major cities and in some regional country areas).

  • Select the plan you want your family member or friend to enjoy.  Globalstar tm offers generous, efficient and smart plans that aim to maximise value for their customers
  • Sign the contract. You will be responsible for all charges on behalf of the phone holder.
  • Alternatively we can arrange for the recipient to sign for the contract if they choose to do so.

  • After you purchase the phone from us, we will  ...
    • Gift wrap the mobile phone and accessories
    • Include a card with your name (if this is what you want)
    • Deliver the phone
    • Take care of any after sale enquiries
    • Check with your friend of family member to make sure they are taking full advantage of the features provided by the dual mode mobile phone

Mobile Phones Gift Service - FAQ

  1. Who is responsible for calls charges made and for the ongoing service fees?  If you sign for the contract, you are the legal owner of the phone and responsible for all charges incurred and the use or misuse of the phone for the term of the contract.  There is a fee for transfer of ownership.

  2. Can I just pay for the phone and not be responsible for the charges?  Yes you can.  In this case, your friends or family members must agree to lodge all the necessary applications.  These applications are subject to the approval of Globalstar Australia.  If the applications are approved,  you can then pay for the telephone and the accessories.  Essentially, this is the same as giving your friends of family a gift of money, with the only difference that the money is used to purchase the mobile phone and accessories from us.

  3. How quickly will they get the gift?  As soon the applications are lodged and approved, providing that the mobile phone and accessories you have selected are in stock.

  4. Can I buy a phone for a charitable or volunteer organisation?  Yes you can, but the President and Secretary of the organisation must be in total agreement about the nature of this gift and the responsibilities of payment of ongoing service charges.  This is an important issue that must be resolved between yourself and the organisation before you purchase the phone.  The organisation will be required to lodge the necessary applications.  If these applications are approved we will deliver the phone to them. 

  5. Can I deliver the phone personally?  If you are purchasing the phone, and your service application and credit application has been approved, you can take delivery of the phone from us.  However, remember, that in this case, you will be solely responsible for the service charges.

  6. What if my friend or family member no longer wants the phone?  All phone service connections are governed by contractual obligations and conditions of use.  Please make sure you read these before starting a mobile phone gift process.

  7. How do I start the process? Click on the "Get One" button and include a brief message that the phone is a gift.  We will contact you and get further details.



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