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globalstar satellite phones

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Why Safecity chose Globalstar Australia

Every time we launch a new product, Safecity's reputation is on the line.  With over 12 years of impeccable service as a nationally recognised training provider, manufacturer of security accessories and retailer of quality products, we are very cautious about what we endorse and sell. 

We also know that if we want to continue to prosper, we must offer our clients cutting-edge technology, value for money, quality and reliable products backed by good service--this is what Globalstar Australia is all about.

Bill Gates once said that all businesses must work on the principle that their products will be obsolete in six months.  I am not about to argue with him on that point.  If we want to survive in business, we must stay ahead of our competitors--many steps ahead.

Every cent that you spend in keeping your company executives, sales staff and service personnel better communicating with your clients, will return healthy dividends.  Our customers are discerning, well informed and demanding--they want answers fast.  In the past, I always felt that global telephone coverage would eventually replace the frustrating, limited mobile service.   Holding my Qualcomm GSP-1600 I realise that the future has now arrived. 

Purchasing our phones for your sales and customer support teams and for your key staff (those who win the customers and those who keep them coming back), will do wonders for their morale.  Most importantly it will keep them in touch with your customers --anytime, anywhere they may be.  Join us and be a winner in the great game of tactical business.

Because prices are subject to variations, we will refrain from publishing prices on this website.  Rather, we will provide you with links to the official price list of Globalstar Australia.  Safecity adheres to Globalstar Australia recommended price structure.  If you are intending to purchase a large number of handsets for your staff or for your family or friends,  do let us know--we can help with in-house demonstration and assist with getting all the formalities out of the way, so that you can concentrate on the enjoyment and the excitement of your new phone.

Of course don't forget our gift service.  If you want to give the gift of 100% cover 1 to a colleague or loved one, tell us about it.  We will make this the surprise of a lifetime. 

Prices of handset:

Qualcomm GSP-1600 Satellite Phone with CDMA and Inbuilt Data Modem

Qualcomm GSP-1600 Satellite Phone


Prices listed here are only a guideline and must be confirmed by us in writing.  If you wish to purchase your phone right now, send us the expression of interest form and we will provide you with a quotation. Of course, you can always call us on 02-63355216 or E-mail us.


Telit SAT550 Dual Mode Satellite Phone and GSM

Telit SAT550 Dual Mode Satellite Phone and GSM

Prices listed here are only a guideline and must be confirmed by us in writing.  If you wish to purchase your phone right now, send us the expression of interest form and we will provide you with a quotation. Of course, you can always call us on 02-63355216 or E-mail us.

Reliable: The satellite phone provided by Globalstar tm, is, without any doubt, one of the smartest, most efficient, reliable satellite phone you will ever find.  I own and use one for my personal and business calls.  I mostly use the CDMA service because of the inexpensive call rates. 

The satellite network will keep you connected when you are in an out-of-service area
1 . You can rely on your  trusted dual mode satellite + CDMA phone to help you make and receive calls from anywhere.  Think about it, during an emergency, your Qualcomm GSP-1600 or Telit SAT550 could even help you save lives.  

The dual mode CDMA and Satellite combination provided by Globalstar offers you an unmatched 100% coverage of the Australian Landmass! 1

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury--they are a necessity.  Whether you carry your telephone for business or for personal security, you need be able to make and receive calls wherever you are.   Out-of-service areas can be a nightmare when you need to get your message across fast. 

Easy to use: Ease of use is an important issue for most of our clients.  The Qualcomm GSP-1600 and Telit SAT550 are so easy to use--even easier than many standard mobile and desktop telephones.  Glance at the clear and well illustrated instructions (written in real English) and you will be using your Qualcomm GSP-1600 or Telit SAT550 in minutes.  Take a look at the video film clip to see for yourself how easy it is to use your new mobile satellite phone.

Globastar orbiting in space Space age technology at earthly costs!  When you are in a mobile no service area, your satellite phone will keep going--priceless!  Adopt the latest technology in telecommunication- use your GSP1600 to achieve Data everywhere TM.  Data everywhere TM is a simple to use mobile data service that allows users to connect to the internet, access Web mail, or download files with a GlobalstarTM compatible handset in GSM or Satellite mode or other cellular handsets by dialling the GlobalstarTM Data everywhere TM access number 0420 10 10 10.  3


telit dual mode satellite GSM 900 satellite phone

Qualcomm GSP 1600 dual mode CDMA satellite  phone

Click on the Telit SAT550 Dual Satellite & GSM
satellite phone for closer inspection

Click on the Qualcomm GSP 1600
satellite CDMA phone  for closer inspection

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