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Globalstar Satellite Phone Coverage
essential for business -- vital in an emergency

Coverage for the
The Qualcomm GSP-1600
In CDMA Mobile Telephone Mode
Click on the dual satellite CDMA mobile phone for a detailed map of the CDMA coverage available in your area.
Coverage for the
The Qualcomm GSP-1600
In Satellite phone mode
Click on the dual satellite CDMA phone for a map of satellite coverage.


Mobile phone and satellite phone coverage available when you join Globalstar

Essential Business Tool: If your business relies on your ability to make and receive calls, from anywhere in Australia 1 and if you are already using a limited coverage mobile phone, upgrade to the latest technology available.  Your competitors are already doing so--can you afford to be left behind?

Adventurers Best Friend: Call your loved ones from your favourite mountain peak.  Share your exhilaration with them.

Give them the peace of mind that only 100% coverage can bring.  With Globalstar satellite phone coverage you will never be alone--in time of sheer joy ... or trouble.
One star your really need: If you love the sea like I do and enjoy diving, sailing and discovering unspoilt pristine beaches Australia is the right place--and Globalstar is the right choice of satellite phone service.  Radio is good, but is not always reliable--Globalstar connects you to the world.  Use Dataeverywhere TM 3 and allow yourself access to the internet--tell everyone how much fun you are having.

Get information fast from any where: Mining, oil exploration, drilling, construction and engineering are industries that demand rapid consultation with experts and management   The Globalstar dual satellite CDMA phone opens up a constant flow of communication, using our Dataeverywhere TM service3 at incredibly low call fees.

globalstar satellite phone coverage

Farmer's Lifeline: Australian farms can be as large as a small city.  Most farmers work alone, operating dangerous machinery in remote, inaccessible areas.  Isolation is a major problem with its associated symptoms. Globalstar satellite phone coverage will get you connected.  Have a yarn with your nearest neighbour (350 Km down the road) tell the missus you are doing fine--or call for help if you are stuck.  Traveller's safety and fun: Driving across this beautiful, big county is one experience you will never forger. However, if you breakdown on the way, it may very well be your last experience--not good!

I drive regularly through hundreds of remote roads and trails--but I can concentrate on enjoying the beauty that surrounds me.  My Globalstar dual CDMA satellite phone keeps me in touch with my friends and family--that's great!  
Please Note: Reception limitations and some exclusion zones apply. A clear view of the sky is required for operation in Satellite mode 1  

Journalist and media reporter dream: How would you like to be able write your article on the spot, take the pictures and then the first to submit to your editor for publishing?

With Globalstar satellite phone coverage you can do just that at incredibly low call fees.  If you are a freelance journalist--your Globalstar satellite phone will give you an unfair advantage over competitors.

Difficult? Expensive?  Not at all.  If you can use a computer and can dial a telephone and can afford a mobile phone, you are in business!    
Security and law enforcement: If you employ security guards to protect your company assets or your client's assets, you want to make sure that the guards are able to respond to an emergency or a threat. This is not only good tactical thinking, it is also an obligation under Occupational Health and Safety Laws.

Many security guards, security consultants and law enforcement officers work in areas where radio coverage is non existent--and mobile phone coverage is unreliable.

Globalstar has the solution at fees that are similar to standard digital mobile phones. 

Surveillance and alarming of assets in remote locations is now easily affordable using solar technology and the Globalstar satellite phones.  Satellite phone coverage is now affordable and available to all security firms, large or small.
A gift for your entire family:  There is no greater asset in your life than your family.  Your loved ones may very well depend on you for their safety and well being.

If keeping in touch with them is difficult because of their location, why not give them a gift that they will appreciate every day of their lives.

We will help them complete the necessary forms and show them how to use the phone.  We will even gift-wrap it for you.  For a few dollars each month, you will make a contribution that will enrich the quality of their lives.

Research and scientific tool: The Qualcomm GSP-1600 phone powered by Globalstar offers unmatched data technology management.  It is easy to use and inexpensive.  Now you can transfer data for analysis with Dataeverywhere TM 3

Satellite phone coverage can keep you connected with your colleagues and assistants.  Imagine being able to network with your lab or research team while your are on site!  Of course, you can also call  the family and friends and have a yarn instead!
Aviation additional safety and convenience: Pilots of small aircrafts and helicopters who are likely to land in remote areas will find the convenience of the added  Globalstar satellite phone coverage invaluable.  A valuable additional safety device, the Globalstar satellite handset and car kit is a recommended addition to the aircraft basic safety equipment--and when you are not flying you can use it as your primary CDMA cellular phone! Primary or backup telephone service for remote areas: If you live in a remote location where standard land line telephone service or cellular network is not available or unreliable, Globalstar's Satellite phone coverage will connect you to the outside world.

If you own a holiday cottage in areas where there is no cellular phone, you could use your Globalstar satellite phone as the primary telephone service. Use DataeverywhereTM3 and access the internet  With Globalstar it is easy, convenient and inexpensive.

Emergency services: During emergencies your Globalstar
Satellite Telephone could help save lives.
Military, law enforcement and civilian EMS Services already rely on this technology for getting help quick to those who need it.

There is nothing more terrifying than being left all alone to deal with an emergency.  During emergencies, landline telephone services may be interrupted or damaged.  Your Globalstar satellite phone coverage could be still available, although this is not guaranteed.

Fast, reliable global communication is no longer a luxury--it is a vital component of today's society.  We live in a global world business environment--fast, relentless and highly competitive--where the speed of transmission of information can make the difference between financial success or business failure.

In the past 50 years the need for speed in communication has grown exponentially -- in some areas, the need for fast, and reliable telecommunication has surpassed the ability of telecommunication companies to provide services.  There is ample evidence that the phenomenal rate of acceptance of services such as the Internet and mobile telephone technology took many telecommunication companies by surprise.

For this reason, dead spots, no service areas, total absence of mobile phone coverage and mediocre facility for data transmission are common--especially in remote areas and regional Australia. 

Whilst telecommunication companies are doing their best to expand land line and mobile telephone coverage, they are often faced with economical and logistical barriers that are difficult to overcome--even with the best intentions.

There is every indication that the gap between increased demand for fast and reliable communication and the ability to supply will continue to widen.  I believe that commerce and business demands will continue to speed ahead of the lagging ability to supply--especially in regional Australia.

Globalstar fills this communication gap efficiently and inexpensively.  By utilising its vast network of satellites, earth stations and gateways, and by integrating their technology with existing quality CDMA technology, Globalstar offers an unmatched opportunity to business and private individuals alike to remove the restrictions of limited telephone and data coverage.




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