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Do you need a satellite phone for Taralga, Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Goulburn, Oberon, Crookwell, Wombeyan Caves, Golspie,
Griffith or to travel around Australia?

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Alexander Wilon JP
CEO Safecity Services

Finally!  Thanks to Satellite Telecommunication Technology Taralgans are now able to enjoy mobile phone coverage at affordable prices!

How it all started:  I travel on a regular basis between my Office at Porters Retreat and my showroom in Fyshwick, Canberra ACT.  To get there, I take the Goulburn  Road, an engaging road immersed in a lush green country, silent mountain valleys,  and  picturesque towns--the beauty of this trip has never disappointed me.

On every occasion, I pass through Taralga--a heritage town that goes back as far as 1827--home to fascinating historical buildings, a place that continues to breathe the old Australian pioneering indomitable spirit--a great place to visit.

Another thing I noticed is that this ancient town still has the same communication system it had when it was founded back in 1860--no mobile phone coverage, not even carrier pigeons. 

Fortunately, my satellite phone handset is on and I am reassured to know that I am still "on the air".  When you travel through our rugged and unforgiving Australian country--that is a very nice feeling indeed.

Having stopped far too many times to offer assistance to stranded, broken down motorists and other telecommunication challenged people in this lovely region of mine, I have decided to take action and bring mobile communication to Taralga.  After all, everyone in my view is entitled to have a decent mobile phone system--don't you agree?

The Answer:  In the early stages satellite phone communication was expensive and difficult to use.  Your callers (and you) sounded like space monsters, and every second word in the conversation was "what? huh?".  The phones were the size of a small school bag and weighed 5 kilos.

Satellite Phones has changed all that:  we offer state of the art technology at incredibly low prices.  This translates into crisp, true to tone modulation--one that regional Australians can only dream of at a price we can all afford!

The phones can now be carried comfortably on your belt and most importantly you will not have to mortgage the farm to pay for the call charges.  Inexpensive Satellite Telephone Communication begins at Satellite Phones

The Australian Government (bless their souls) have recognised the real need that faces country people, and have subsidised the service. 

Call charges are not expensive:  Thank you to those residents who have phoned us to respond to our letters.  Many of the callers asked about the cost of the call rates.  There was a genuine concern that the costs would be very expensive because of of previous experience with other carriers. 

This is not true with Satellite Phones! 

Click here to find out how inexpensive the satellite phone call rates can be!


What to do next:

  • Contact Jackie at Satellite Phones 0263355216 or E-mail

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Affordable, Reliable Satellite Phone Taralga.  Service Anywhere - Anytime!




Satellite phone Taralga, Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Goulburn, Oberon, Crookwell, Wombeyan Caves, Golspie, Griffith.

Interested in visiting Taralga?  You should be!  Check out Taralga website!


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