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Satellite phone accessories for the Telit SAT550 in Australia

The Telit SAT550 satellite phone has the ability to grow with you.  As your needs increase Globalstar offer you a wide range of accessories.

Some satellite phone customers have no need for data transmission, or hands free vehicle kits, satellite marine kits or fixed base installations.  Others want these features because of their workplace or home needs.  Either way, Globalstar quality satellite phone accessories are available to you through Safecity.

We are providing you with a brief introduction of the accessories to save you time.  If any of these accessories interest you, click on the image and you will be transported to a more detailed site and larger pictures.  We intend placing more and more images and video clips on line in the near future--so please come back.  All prices include GST.

Marine Kit


SAT550X Marine Kit for Telit SAT550 The SAT550X is a compact, economical and easy to use GSM 900 and Satellite telephone system specifically designed for use on sea going vessels of all sizes. The SAT550X will operate at sea anywhere within Australian terrestrial waters 1 switching if desired to the GSM cellular telephone network when close to the coast.

Suitable for all vessels, the SAT550X provides private and secure ship to shore communications for ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft with 100% mobile coverage 1 of Australia and its territorial waters.





Car Kit

Data Enabled
Car Kit

Telit SAT551Car Kit for Telit SAT 550 The Telit SAT551 is specifically designed to allow comfortable hands free use of a Globalstar telephone in a vehicle. The Telit SAT551 converts the Telit SAT550 into a fully featured dual-mode GSM/Satellite in-vehicle phone allowing hands free operation while driving. Ideal for those who travel for work and leisure around the country.

More Information about the Globalstar GCK1410 satellite phone car kit

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DTA550 data adapter

Telit DTA550 data adapter With Globalstar's Data everywhere TM service, users can connect to the Internet, access emails or download files--100% coverage in Australia 1.

By using your Telit DTA550 data adapter combined with your SAT550 handset users can make or receive data calls over the Globalstar Satellite network or the digital Cellular network at 9.6kbps (uncompressed), or at an effective data rate up to 38.4kbps2 with the Data everywhere tm accelerator client provided at no extra cost.

More Information about the Telit SAT550 satellite phone data kit GDC-1100

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In Car 12V Battery Charger

Telit SAT550 In Card Charger

In Car 12V Charger
The Telit In Car 12V Charger allows the convenience of charging your Telit SAT550 handset within your car.

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Telit SAT550
Leather Case

Telit SAT500 leather case with convenient belt clip.

Leather Case
Protect your Telit SAT550 handset with a leather case with convenient belt clip.

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Telit SAT550
Slimline Battery


Handset slimline battery for Telit SAT550.

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