Telit SAT550 Satellite Phone

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The Telit SAT550 Dual Mode Satellite Phone
Dual Mode Satellite and GSM mobile phone.

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Affordable, Reliable GSM and Satellite Telephone Service Anywhere - Anytime!




Telit SAT550 Satellite Phone

Telit SAT550 Dual Mode Satellite Phone

The Telit SAT550 Dual Mode Satellite Phone in GSM Mode
Use it as standard GSM Mobile Phone

The Telit SAT550 Dual Mode Satellite Phone
in Satellite Mode - fast and easy to use!

Globalstar Telit SAT550 Phone -- General Information

Reliable Phone
Global Coverage 1
Easy to use

The Telit SAT550 is a high quality, reliable communication device and is the choice device for GlobalstarTM Satellite/GSM services.  

The SAT550 has a major advantage over standard limited mobile telephones. It provides 100% coverage of the Australian Landmass1 and up to 500 nautical miles offshore1 all at affordable prices.  The Telit SAT550 powered by GlobalstarTM combines the popular GSM digital network with the 100% coverage1 that only satellite networks can offer. And all in one phone, one number and one bill.

When you purchase your Telit SAT550 you will be able to switch from terrestrial digital cellular (GSM) networks to the GlobalstarTM satellite network with absolute ease!  Your Telit SAT550 phone is so easy to use - even easier than some digital or desktop telephones.

Another advantage of the Telit SAT550 is the ability to use it as a modem! 2  Connect the optional data terminal adapter to your PC or laptop and instantly send E-mail, designs, photographs and documents--even from areas where there is no digital or landline telephone coverage! 

If you choose to connect to Globalstar Data Everywhere
Service you will be able to send data up to
38.4 kbps 2.  This new technology is available from Globalstar and is sold separately.  Is it expensive? No way!  Globalstar is committed to quality service at affordable prices.  Check it out.

If your business depends on your ability to send and receive data--the Telit SAT550, together with the optional  data terminal adapter and Globalstar Data Everywhere
service will give you an unbeatable advantage over your competitors.   Once again, using the data transfer is straightforward and easy.  Telit builds smart telephones, so that our customers can enjoy using them--and that's how it should be.

Inbuilt Data Transfer


Outstanding Voice
and Call Quality
CDMA Technology!

The TELIT SAT550 dual mode satellite GSM phone works like a cellular phone wherever cellular service is available.  The SAT550 phone will switch to satellite mode when the user is out of cellular range, or when you extend the phone's satellite antenna.

Use the phone inside buildings as you would with a standard limited cellular phone.  To use the satellite mode, simply ensure direct line-of-sight with Globalstar satellites, away from buildings or large structures.

The Globalstar
TM satellite phones which use TELIT digital technology provides digital voice services with better clarity, quality, and privacy than land-based analogue cellular systems.

If security and privacy is important to you, the TELIT SAT550 offers you GSM digitally encoded, spread spectrum transmissions designed to resist eaves dropping and programmable security level.

Improved Security
and Privacy
Lower Costs

Telit  SAT550 Features, Advantages and Specifications


  • Dual-mode Satellite / GSM 900 (Cellular)
  • Illuminated full graphic display
  • 3 soft keys for easy use of features
  • Send and receive SMS (Satellite and GSM modes)
  • Dedicated keys for menu functions, Short Message Service (SMS) and phonebook
  • Data transmission up to 9.6 Kbps (uncompressed) or effective data speeds up to 38.4kbps2 with Data everywhere accelerator client and additional data terminal adapter3 
  • Real time clock with alarm
  • Customisable ringing tone
  • Various call barring options
  • One touch silent function activation
  • Programmable security level
  • Various call divert options
  • Automatic and manual mode selection
  • Caller Identification
  • 100% Mobile coverage1 across Australia and its territorial waters
  • Compatibility with existing GSM 900 cellular networks
  • GlobalstarTM Satellite mode when you're not within Cellular coverage areas
  • Superior digital voice quality in both Satellite and GSM 900 modes
  • Secure and reliable GlobalstarTM data services
  • Voicemail, call forwarding and speed dialling
  • One number, one bill
  • Number portability
Included Accessories AC Charger, Lithium Ion Battery
Size H=224mm W=65.5mm D=50mm
Weight 415 grams (battery included)
Talk time Satellite mode: 1 hour / GSM mode: 9.5 hours
Standby time Satellite mode: 8 hours / GSM mode: 83 hours
Operating Temperature -10C to +55C
Conditions 5% to 95% humidity (without condensation)

  • Affordable call fees and generous services:  Globalstar  tm has broken the price barrier that made global coverage available only to a few.

    With Globalstar, everyone can now enjoy the convenience, security and commercial advantages brought about by a phone service that will work anywhere 1 --when you need it.  

    There has never been a better time to connect to GlobalstarTM, and receive 100% mobile
    coverage 1

  • Comparable handset costs with limited coverage digital phones:  When you purchase our dual satellite GSM telephone, you purchase a high quality and reliable telephone system that can communicate with the land based GSM network and the Globalstar Australia TM satellite system. 

    This satellite phone is the result of space age technology, yet the price of this magnificent phone is comparable to that of a high quality standard digital phone!

You want it!
but can you afford it? 
With Globalstar the answer is most definitely YES!

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Interested in Satellite and CDMA Dual Technology?

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Satellite Phone coverage 1 is now easily affordable and available to all Australians
Make it a reality in your life or the life of your loved ones! You deserve it -- they deserve it!
Purchase it as an exciting gift for your special person or client!  We will do the rest.



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